Below shows all Globals, Hall of Fames and All Time Highs grouped by profession while I was online:

Globals Hall of Fames All Time Highs
Total Value Total Value Total Value
Mining 238,893 17,353,721 PEDs 210,167 91,570,567 PEDs 29 2,557,841 PEDs
Hunting 1,277,579 124,708,274 PEDs 202,354 159,980,346 PEDs 67 4,893,274 PEDs
Crafting 513,225 52,668,102 PEDs 217,191 194,241,133 PEDs 78 7,359,377 PEDs
Other 459 54,218 PEDs 687 252,132 PEDs 163 38,830 PEDs
Totals 2,030,156 194,784,315 PEDs 630,399 446,044,178 PEDs 337 14,849,322 PEDs

This data shows only the money made from Global, HoF and ATH while I have been ingame since 5-28-2011 and is updated monthly.

At some point there will be more text about the game and all that's in it.

Planet Calypso

Planet Rocktropia

Planet Next Island

Planet Arkadia

Planet Cyrene

Behold, a new era in online player versus player combat begins. Planet Cyrene brings you exclusively a whole new way to do online FPS combat on the grandest arena of all. Here you can use your skills to fight others for fame and real fortunes. Using our unique PVP token system, you can enter combat arenas and earn tokens with real cash value! Planet Cyrene offers a rich world filled with lore, mystery and mysticism interwoven with a futuristic sci-fi setting.

Planet Cyrene, where fun is serious business.