As of right now this website is still very much under construction. I hope to add a lot more information about game and my current status in game. But for now, the site is mostly just being coded in my TextPad. But will add a few pictures to keep this page a bit more interesting as I'm working the site.

Combat Skills Shots Fired Quests Economic
New Lifes: 106,708 Gained Attribute: 91,729 Shots Fired: 3,882,848 New Quests: 1,149 Created Auction: 1,308
Killed by Other Player: 372 Gained Experience: 646,372 Shots Evaded: 316,298 Aborted Quests: 171 Retrieve Auction Items: 235
Mobs killing me: 105,015 Gained New Rank: 1,396 Shots Missed: 127,912 Updated Quests: 1,290 Player Transactions: 526
Being attacked: 4,620,946 Improved Attrubutes: 38,246 Critical Hits: 116,300 Completed Quests: 772 Trade Terminal: 8,481
Other Players Killed: 17 Items Tiering Up: 5,988 Game Fails: 190,690 Items Bought in shop: 5
Total No Loots: 122,504
Vehicle Damaged: 68,356
Mining Medical Manufacturing Exploring Social
Claims Found: 4,316 Others Healing me: 9,636 Items Repaired: 3,324 Items Picked up: 58,752 Rides I have given: 891
Depleted Claims: 4,307 Healing myself: 95,371 Repairing Vehicles: 607,858 Items Dropped: 1,674 People leaving vehcle: 571
Found something odd: 8 Healing others: 4,034 Total Quality Ratings: 9,009 Total HoFs: 8

Below are three Excel Charts that are updated on this site daily:

Skills Pie Chart Daily Skills Chart Skills Chart