Item Name TT Value Mark Up % Available in stock Asking Price
Aarkan Pellets51.74 PED106.57%2,58755.14 PED
Adaptor Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Advanced Cloth Extractor25.92 PED131.31%2,59234.04 PED
Advanced Leather Extractor113.86 PED113.55%11,386129.29 PED
Advanced Metal Extractor0.90 PED887.10%907.98 PED
Advanced Stone Extractor8.46 PED107.69%8469.11 PED
Advanced Wood Extractor5.17 PED155.43%5178.04 PED
Allophyl Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED5.7215.73 PED
Animal Adrenal Oil0.20 PED104.42%10.21 PED
Animal Eye Oil0.05 PED103.11%10.05 PED
Animal Hide445.39 PED105.10%44,539468.10 PED
Animal Oil Residue51.90 PED101.03%5,19052.43 PED
Animal Thyroid Oil9.00 PED110.72%909.96 PED
Arkace Texture261.96 PED103.42%6,549270.92 PED
Arkace Timber307.20 PED107.00%3,072328.70 PED
Arkadian Hornet Hide0.14 PED125.80%70.18 PED
Arsonistic Chip I (L)14.40 PED115.32%116.61 PED
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint0.01 PED4.0514.06 PED
Basic Bearings Blueprint0.01 PED1.2311.24 PED
Basic Cloth Extractor133.34 PED118.62%13,334158.17 PED
Basic Coil Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Basic Engine Blueprint0.01 PED5.0015.01 PED
Basic Filters Blueprint0.01 PED4.3514.36 PED
Basic Gem Extractor10.54 PED122.45%1,05412.91 PED
Basic Leather Extractor0.02 PED134.76%20.03 PED
Basic Metal Extractor7.65 PED208.85%76515.98 PED
Basic Plastic Extractor0.58 PED213.14%581.24 PED
Basic Power System Blueprint0.01 PED2.0012.01 PED
Basic Processor Blueprint0.01 PED4.8614.87 PED
Basic Pump Blueprint0.01 PED1.5311.54 PED
Basic Relay Blueprint0.01 PED1.2811.29 PED
Basic Sensor Blueprint0.01 PED1.4411.45 PED
Basic Servo Blueprint0.01 PED1.2411.25 PED
Basic Skin Color Set0.55 PED168.35%50.93 PED
Basic Stone Extractor0.06 PED114.42%60.07 PED
Basic Structure Blueprint0.01 PED5.0015.01 PED
Basic Tube Blueprint0.01 PED1.0011.01 PED
Basic Wires Blueprint0.01 PED1.2211.23 PED
Basic Wood Extractor0.42 PED128.55%420.54 PED
Beladoth Back Spike3.50 PED100.50%13.52 PED
Belkar Texture27.72 PED128.12%12635.51 PED
Belkar Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.3112.32 PED
Berycled Skin0.90 PED111.11%31.00 PED
Blausariam Texture Blueprint0.01 PED6.6916.70 PED
Bokol Hide36.00 PED102.10%12036.76 PED
Bokol Spinal Plate30.00 PED109.47%1232.84 PED
Brukite Stone Texture12.32 PED198.62%1,23224.47 PED
CDF Scout Face Guard (M)1.80 PED2.4714.27 PED
Canvas Fabric Texture5.89 PED101.07%195.95 PED
Carabok Leather20.28 PED128.80%33826.12 PED
Carabok Leather Texture275.02 PED137.35%27,502377.74 PED
Carabok Leg Fur600.20 PED109.38%3,001656.50 PED
Caudatergus Skin2.00 PED125.87%82.52 PED
Cbase Plastic Texture1.40 PED116.71%101.63 PED
Cbase Plastic Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.4912.50 PED
Chomper Wool0.48 PED135.14%20.65 PED
Coarse Frieze Fabric Texture5.46 PED101.07%395.52 PED
Coarse Frieze Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED9.4619.47 PED
Combibo Skin4.37 PED120.94%195.29 PED
Combustive Attack Nanochip II (L)14.91 PED109.56%116.34 PED
Combustive Attack Nanochip II (L)15.77 PED109.56%117.28 PED
Conduit Blueprint0.01 PED0.9610.97 PED
Cornundacauda Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.4911.50 PED
Corria Texture207.12 PED104.35%2,589216.13 PED
Daikiba Leather49.05 PED111.11%10954.50 PED
Daikiba Skin20.25 PED120.52%13524.41 PED
Daikiba Wool25.28 PED134.72%7934.06 PED
Denim Fabric Texture0.62 PED104.81%310.65 PED
Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.6811.69 PED
Diluted Cloth Extractor23.68 PED144.77%2,36834.28 PED
Diluted Mineral Extractor0.28 PED477.86%281.34 PED
Diluted Sweat0.06 PED102.04%60.06 PED
Dire Weed Flaxen4.40 PED128.56%225.66 PED
EWE EP-2 Proton (L)0.20 PED836.79%11.67 PED
Edres Resin210.73 PED103.50%1,621218.11 PED
Electric Attack Nanochip I (L)4.78 PED104.78%15.01 PED
Electric Attack Nanochip I (L)6.41 PED104.78%16.72 PED
Electric Attack Nanochip II (L)9.58 PED118.18%111.32 PED
Electric Attack Nanochip II (L)8.85 PED118.18%110.46 PED
Electric Attack Nanochip III (L)19.00 PED109.58%120.82 PED
Electric Attack Nanochip III (L)9.08 PED109.58%19.95 PED
Electronic Stabilizing Component0.20 PED103.88%10.21 PED
Enhanced Cloth Extractor97.31 PED119.98%9,731116.75 PED
Enhanced Metal Extractor0.06 PED200.00%60.12 PED
Enhanced Mineral Extractor0.01 PED378.38%10.04 PED
Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture1.53 PED106.67%171.63 PED
Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.6511.66 PED
Exarosaur Cloth15.84 PED123.72%4419.60 PED
Exarosaur Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Exarosaur Skin3.90 PED123.73%394.83 PED
Exarosaur Wool11.64 PED132.64%9715.44 PED
Explosive Projectiles20.59 PED101.83%205,96720.97 PED
Explosive Projectiles Blueprint I0.01 PED5.7715.78 PED
Faucervix Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.3811.39 PED
Feran Wing Claw66.00 PED141.33%8893.28 PED
Fine Hessian Fabric Texture0.63 PED105.96%210.67 PED
Fine Hide0.50 PED106.38%20.53 PED
Fine Leather14.25 PED107.87%1915.37 PED
Fine Silk Fabric Texture14.30 PED108.39%5515.50 PED
Fine Wool3.60 PED106.72%93.84 PED
Firn Texture2.40 PED105.13%202.52 PED
Firn Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9912.00 PED
Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.3011.31 PED
Force Nexus1.59 PED102.55%1591.63 PED
Foul Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9811.99 PED
Frigulite Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.3812.39 PED
Fuel Cells Blueprint0.01 PED1.4311.44 PED
Gallard Hide2.20 PED106.27%1102.34 PED
Ganganite Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.4911.50 PED
Generic Leather5.13 PED105.91%1715.43 PED
Generic Leather Texture54.40 PED104.99%1,08857.11 PED
Gimbals Blueprint0.01 PED1.1511.16 PED
Growth Molecules2.35 PED102.24%52.40 PED
Hadraada Hide89.50 PED103.99%35893.07 PED
Hadraada Leather5.25 PED104.15%75.47 PED
Hadraada Leather Texture353.52 PED105.42%1,964372.68 PED
Hadraada Spinal Plate396.00 PED100.50%198397.98 PED
Halix Hide0.40 PED111.37%80.45 PED
Halix Leather Texture172.68 PED127.71%4,317220.53 PED
Halix Leg Fur93.00 PED100.50%18693.47 PED
Halix Tail0.04 PED1700.74%20.68 PED
Hardened Metal Plating Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Hekia Texture66.18 PED103.16%1,10368.27 PED
Hekia Veneer4.22 PED109.09%4224.60 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box2.70 PED30.00132.70 PED
Herb Box1.92 PED30.00131.92 PED
Herb Box0.14 PED30.00130.14 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box3.73 PED30.00133.73 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box3.86 PED30.00133.86 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box4.16 PED30.00134.16 PED
Herb Box0.65 PED30.00130.65 PED
Herb Box1.39 PED30.00131.39 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box3.35 PED30.00133.35 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box0.52 PED30.00130.52 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box0.49 PED30.00130.49 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box4.49 PED30.00134.49 PED
Herb Box5.00 PED30.00135.00 PED
Herb Box1.18 PED30.00131.18 PED
Herb Box2.37 PED30.00132.37 PED
Hessian Fabric Texture8.12 PED104.17%2038.46 PED
Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Huon Hide39.60 PED102.05%3340.41 PED
Huon Leather18.00 PED102.06%518.37 PED
Inferior Cloth Extractor778.86 PED110.53%77,886860.87 PED
Insulators Blueprint0.01 PED1.4911.50 PED
Jori Pectoral Fin28.25 PED100.74%11328.46 PED
Jungle Shorts (M,C)1.60 PED2.8114.41 PED
Kadra Hide6.00 PED101.62%66.10 PED
Kaldon Stone Texture4.74 PED120.97%1585.73 PED
Kamaldon Hide38.40 PED101.50%1638.98 PED
Kaz Ingot65.88 PED106.06%54969.87 PED
Kaz Stones0.04 PED107.80%10.04 PED
Khorudoul Extrusion6.96 PED108.94%877.58 PED
Khorum Alloy8.60 PED106.36%439.15 PED
Kiana Hide6.00 PED102.46%106.15 PED
Lacerating Attack Nanochip IV (L)6.18 PED111.42%16.89 PED
Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture42.44 PED113.03%2,12247.97 PED
Long Screws Blueprint0.01 PED1.4911.50 PED
Madana Leg Fur3.00 PED101.96%23.06 PED
Mahogany Long Board16.00 PED133.91%821.43 PED
Mahogany Short Board5.00 PED227.12%5011.36 PED
Mannell Shoes (F,C)3.02 PED1.3314.35 PED
Mannell Shoes (M,C)9.00 PED2.58111.58 PED
Medium Frieze Fabric Texture16.32 PED106.85%10217.44 PED
Megan Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.9913.00 PED
Melchi Water0.82 PED102.55%410.84 PED
Mermoth Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9711.98 PED
Merp Textile20.52 PED162.30%1933.30 PED
Merp Wool6.12 PED152.06%179.31 PED
Metal Ruds Blueprint0.01 PED1.5711.58 PED
Midastree Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.1212.13 PED
Miluca Texture149.70 PED108.89%7,485163.01 PED
Miluca Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.1712.18 PED
Miranda Violet4.00 PED255.56%10010.22 PED
Miranda Violet4.00 PED255.56%10010.22 PED
Miranda Violet4.00 PED255.56%10010.22 PED
Miranda Violet4.00 PED255.56%10010.22 PED
Miranda Violet0.76 PED255.56%191.94 PED
Monura Female Hide0.06 PED104.36%20.06 PED
Monura Female Leather Texture22.80 PED143.87%1,14032.80 PED
Monura Male Hide0.06 PED130.97%20.08 PED
Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9912.00 PED
Nissit Stone Texture13.52 PED104.66%67614.15 PED
Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9711.98 PED
Nusul Ear2.40 PED126.71%123.04 PED
Nusul Leather Texture22.22 PED140.10%20231.13 PED
O Rings Blueprint0.01 PED8.0018.01 PED
Oiled Arkace Boards19.20 PED111.99%6421.50 PED
Oiled Corria Boards1.00 PED104.87%21.05 PED
Oiled Hekia Boards42.80 PED107.26%10745.91 PED
Oiled Hekia Boards Blueprint0.02 PED2.4912.51 PED
Oiled Miluca Boards333.40 PED107.53%1,667358.51 PED
Oiled Miluca Boards Blueprint0.01 PED5.2015.21 PED
Oro Cranial Blade190.00 PED106.12%190201.63 PED
Oro Leather Texture209.16 PED132.67%2,988277.49 PED
Oro Skull1.86 PED207.34%623.86 PED
Ostelok Leather Texture63.28 PED123.84%1,58278.37 PED
Ostelok Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9811.99 PED
Ostelok Lower Beak52.00 PED118.24%13061.48 PED
Otorugi Hide36.80 PED102.90%4637.87 PED
Otorugi Nail25.20 PED101.65%925.62 PED
Oweko Leather Texture4.32 PED103.29%124.46 PED
Paint Can (Blue)3.60 PED143.34%725.16 PED
Paint Can (Brigadier)0.50 PED125.39%10.63 PED
Paint Can (Brown)0.42 PED108.90%60.46 PED
Paint Can (Burgundy)0.19 PED113.36%10.22 PED
Paint Can (Burnt Umber)2.70 PED108.70%182.93 PED
Paint Can (Cornsilk)0.24 PED110.18%10.26 PED
Paint Can (Dark Blue)2.00 PED108.57%102.17 PED
Paint Can (Dark Crimson)2.20 PED107.17%22.36 PED
Paint Can (Dark Green)0.99 PED160.00%111.58 PED
Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue)5.04 PED238.10%8412.00 PED
Paint Can (Deep Cadmium)12.88 PED108.66%9214.00 PED
Paint Can (Green)0.35 PED112.14%50.39 PED
Paint Can (Light Green)32.49 PED106.10%36134.47 PED
Paint Can (Olive)0.70 PED145.58%141.02 PED
Paint Can (Pink)1.04 PED143.93%131.50 PED
Paint Can (Purple)2.10 PED115.76%352.43 PED
Paint Can (Steel Blue)3.12 PED117.50%523.67 PED
Paint Can (Turqoise)0.08 PED114.25%10.09 PED
Paint Can (Umber)2.86 PED105.89%223.03 PED
Paint Can (Violet Cream)46.92 PED105.33%39149.42 PED
Paint Can (Yellow)26.19 PED184.10%87348.22 PED
Part Of Flint Axe Head6.06 PED102.74%1016.23 PED
Part Of Fossil Ammonite15.84 PED111.86%79217.72 PED
Plumatergus Skin1.40 PED163.27%42.29 PED
Polymer Rail Blueprint0.01 PED1.1511.16 PED
Prancer Skin2.70 PED172.85%94.67 PED
Propellant Supercharger Blueprint0.01 PED1.3211.33 PED
Recoil Stabiliser Blueprint0.01 PED1.4211.43 PED
Refined Aragonite Crystal0.11 PED217.39%110.24 PED
Regeneration Chip I (L)7.00 PED116.89%18.18 PED
Ribbed Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.9913.00 PED
Riptor Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED6.8516.86 PED
Riptor Tail Segment7.20 PED104.78%47.54 PED
Riptor Tongue3.24 PED104.94%93.40 PED
Rutol Stone Texture1.68 PED327.10%425.50 PED
Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.3911.40 PED
Sabakuma Leather3.30 PED109.43%103.61 PED
Sabakuma Skin1.32 PED158.10%122.09 PED
Satin Fabric Texture9.45 PED116.97%2711.05 PED
Scott & Barlow BP-0 (L)8.04 PED120.70%19.70 PED
Scott & Barlow BP-0 (L)7.43 PED120.70%18.97 PED
Second-Rate Cloth Extractor66.20 PED116.28%6,62076.98 PED
Short Firn Board10.98 PED105.67%6111.60 PED
Simple I Conductors Blueprint0.01 PED10.24110.25 PED
Simple II Conductors Blueprint0.01 PED9.3119.32 PED
Snablesnot Leather Texture16.65 PED108.35%11118.04 PED
Soft Leather Texture60.06 PED102.98%46261.85 PED
Soft Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED3.2513.26 PED
Sollomate Rubio (L)0.08 PED1336.52%11.07 PED
Songtil Agent1.68 PED109.29%281.84 PED
Sopur Stone Texture58.15 PED105.87%1,16361.56 PED
Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.3911.40 PED
Standard Hinge Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Standard Intelligence Module Blueprint0.01 PED1.2411.25 PED
Standard Matrix Blueprint0.01 PED4.0614.07 PED
Star Particles4.72 PED111.39%595.26 PED
Stimulation Modulator Blueprint0.01 PED2.9913.00 PED
Strong Cloth Extractor23.79 PED147.75%2,37935.15 PED
Super Alloy Ruds Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Superior Cloth Extractor12.85 PED254.36%1,28532.69 PED
Surface Hardener Component0.60 PED107.87%30.65 PED
Synchronization Chip I (L)7.26 PED140.02%110.17 PED
TabTab Hide62.39 PED182.39%6,239113.79 PED
Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.9912.00 PED
Teladon Hide82.00 PED101.97%4183.62 PED
Teladon Tail Spike20.00 PED100.50%520.10 PED
Tension Straps0.35 PED134.08%70.47 PED
Tension Straps Blueprint0.01 PED0.9911.00 PED
Thermodure Plastic Texture Blueprint0.01 PED1.4911.50 PED
Tiarak Elbow Spur188.75 PED107.83%151203.53 PED
Tiarak Leather Texture1.65 PED175.07%112.89 PED
Tight Knitted Wool Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED3.7913.80 PED
Traeskeron Skin1.20 PED103.33%41.24 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Tropical Shades (M)0.50 PED4.5815.08 PED
Trutun Stone Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.9913.00 PED
Typonolic Steam0.30 PED153.32%20.46 PED
Veda Stones37.74 PED102.78%62938.79 PED
Vedacore Fibre1.35 PED107.14%91.45 PED
Velvet Fabric Texture74.80 PED109.79%74882.12 PED
Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint0.01 PED2.9913.00 PED
Vorn Pellets1.20 PED107.14%61.29 PED
Weak Cloth Extractor78.59 PED117.65%7,85992.46 PED
Weak Magnets Blueprint0.01 PED2.4712.48 PED
Weld filament Blueprint0.01 PED2.0912.10 PED
Yuka Hide5.60 PED102.82%25.76 PED
Zadul Leather Texture246.18 PED106.76%2,238262.82 PED
Zadul Nail95.00 PED106.42%95101.10 PED
Zolphic Grease153.76 PED106.67%1,922164.02 PED
Zolphic Oil68.76 PED102.60%1,71970.55 PED